World Mission Rosary

The second to last Sunday is designated by the Pope as World Mission Sunday. The Arlington Mission Office has asked our brothers and sisters in mission around the world to video tape themselves doing a portion of the World Mission Rosary.

We have gotten some beautiful responses and wished to share some of them with you.

The first video is The Lovers of the Holy Cross Congregation in Vietnam pray the Fifth Glorious Mystery. The sisters were praying prior to the Mass where a group of sisters received their final vows.

Next an extended family from the Diocese of Arlington, who serve the people in the Philippines, are praying the Fifth Luminous Mystery. The family has a deep devotion to Our Lady and they pray the Rosary daily either as a group or individually

In the third video the school children at Madre del Bueno Consejo Institucion, share with us the Fourth Joyful Mystery. The school is located in Piura, Peru and provides a beautiful back drop for the children to recite the Rosary.

Finally our Friends from the Diocese of Orlu, Nigeria gathered the school children to sing and pray the Rosary in IGBO, the major language spoken in South East Nigeria and one of the many languages in Nigeria. The children are from St. Michael’s Parish, Amakor, Njaba Local Government of Imo State in South East Nigeria.

We hope you enjoy these and hope you will continue to pray for the missions.