MCP Assignment Preferences and Feedback

  • Each year, the Arlington Mission Office of the Diocese of Arlington is responsible for pairing parishes with Mission Groups for the Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP). We are dedicated to trying to find the best fit of mission group to parish. To help us make that connection, we ask that you please fill out the information below.
  • Parish MCP Contacts: When assignments are made, we will mail materials to each parish. We also e-mail these materials. Our goal with the e-mail is to reach everyone on the parish staff who has a part in the MCP process, from initial connection, all the way through to sending the funds to our office. Please provide the name and e-mail address of everyone at your parish who should get the initial contact e-mail (i.e. Pastor/Parish Director, Administrative Assistant, Business Manager, etc.)
  • Thank you for your participation in our survey.
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