Commissioned By Christ

The Diocese of Arlington Mission Office is proud to recommend Commissioned by Christ (CBC) as a primary resource for short-term mission trips. Founded in the Diocese of Arlington in 2008, CBC leads short-term mission trips for individuals and families to the Dominican Republic, Peru, Jamaica, and Kenya.

The CBC mission is to bring Catholics closer to Christ through short-term mission trips. These trips combine personal and communal prayer, participation in the sacraments, building community with fellow Christians, and providing an opportunity to partake in works of mercy by helping those in material and spiritual need.

As a Catholic organization, CBC's goal has been to maintain communion with the Universal and Local Church. With the support, guidance, and permission of former Arlington Diocese Bishop Paul S. Loverde CBC started working within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Arlington. This provided an opportunity for CBC to lay a strong foundation for success. Through cooperation with the Diocese of Arlington, CBC developed its brand, policies, and safety protocols.

Visit the CBC website.