Handmaids of Reparation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Parish Mission Assigned to:  St. Veronica Catholic Church, Chantilly, VA

Mission Contact Name:  Sister Donatella Merulla

Mission Address
BURKE, VA 22015

Mission Phone:  (703) 455-0372 Mission Email:  srdonatella.ccd@nativityschool.org

Website: https://nativityburke.org/religious-education/

The Handmaids of Reparation are currently serving the people in Ivory Coast providing schools for needy children and adult education in Abidjan and Nassian. A sister, nurse, also goes to different villages to provide basic medical needs. A food pantry is provided for the nearby villages. The Community is also proud of the many young local sisters in formation, thus giving hope to the Mission they will provide with the generosity of our benefactors.