Diocese of Kumbo

Parish Mission Assigned to: Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Alexandria, VA

Bishop George Nkuo
Bishop's House Kumbo
P.O. Box 115 Kumbo
Kumbo North West Region 237 Cameroon

email: dioecesiskumboensis@gmail.com

Local Contact:

Reverend Ghenghan Mbinkar
email: hintbamenjo@yahoo.co.uk
Telephone: (240) 618-4548

Website: https://www.dioceseofkumbo.org/

The Diocese of Kumbo in the West Central African country of Cameroon, has down the years through the support from the MCP provided quality education for the underprivileged who have no one to care for them. Due to the current socio-political crisis in Cameroon which has left many dead and thousands more homeless, orphaned and vulnerable, the diocese appeals for your support to help them provide healing and rehabilitation for these desperate children of God. This will be done by constructing a women empowerment center where the young girls and women can be provided with counselling services and the training that will help them to avoid falling into the unfortunate ills of prostitution and human trafficking as a means of survival. Please be generous.