Crystal Bones

November 19, 2018

By Fr. Jason Weber One day a priest was visiting a family with 8 children and the priest asked the mother of the family, ‘which of your children do you love the most?’ Without missing a beat, she responded, the one who needs me most. The picture below is the view from Miguelina’s house, Monday […]

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Jesus, the Poor, Maimed, Blind, and Lame

October 18, 2018

The Arlington Mission Office proudly concludes our presentation of the winners of the Missionary Essay Contest with the fine, 1st Place winner by Aaron Peiffer. Ragged, unkempt, and neglected, they appeared at the door of our mission house looking for a moment of respite, a touch of humanity, a look of compassion, a word of […]

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The Haiti Bug

October 11, 2018

This week the Arlington Mission Office continues the parade of Missionary Essay Contest Winners with the wonderful 2nd Place winner by Julie Schoenman. “Uh-oh,” observed my roommate just two days into my first mission trip, “you have the Haiti bug!”  With several mission trips already under her belt and a full year spent teaching in […]

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I Discovered the Reality of Poverty

October 5, 2018

By Mary Grace Coltharp Today the Arlington Mission Office is proud to kick off the publication of the winners of the first Missionary Essay Contest. We start off with 3rd Place winner, Mary Grace Coltharp, and her wonderful essay on “How My Mission Trip Changed Me” When I think about the defining events in my […]

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Mission Office Announces Essay Contest Winners

September 11, 2018

By Roberto Bacalski, Program and Development Coordinator LtoR: Aaron Peiffer, Julie Schoenman, and Mary Grace Coltharp The Arlington Mission Office is proud to present the winners of the first annual Missionary Essay Contest. 1st Place – Aaron Peiffer 2nd Place – Julie Schoenman 3rd Place – Mary Grace Coltharp Traveling to the slums of Buenos […]

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Proud Father

August 7, 2018

I was simply beaming the whole graduation!  I am so proud of them for the example of the faith that they have given.

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Bishop Emeritus Macram Gassis to speak at Christ the Redeemer

July 20, 2018

By Roberto Bacalski, Program and Development Coordinator Bishop Macram Gassis, mccj celebrates Palm Sunday Mass in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Most Reverend Macram Gassis, mccj Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of El Obeid in Sudan, will be speaking at Christ the Redeemer Church in Sterling the weekend of July 28-29 as part of Missionary […]

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Missionary Essay Contest Winners Announced

July 11, 2018

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington Mission Office congratulates the winners of the Inaugural Missionary Essay Contest! Ann the winners are… 1st Place: Aaron Peiffer, Fairfax, VA 2nd Place: Julie A. Schoenman, Reston, VA 3rd Place: Mary Grace Coltharp, Manassas, VA The winning essays will be printed in upcoming editions of the Arlington Catholic Herald. Congratulations, […]

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What’s In a Missionary?

July 3, 2018

By Roberto Bacalski, Program and Development Coordinator “Although the obligation of spreading the faith falls individually on every disciple of Christ, still the Lord Christ has always called from the  number of is disciples…that he might send them to preach to the nations.” ~Ad Gentes, 23 (Read full document here) What makes a missionary? The […]

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