Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill

Parish Assigned to: St. William of York

Mission Contact: Sister Kwangshim Oh

Mission Address:
Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill Generalate
7005 Baptist Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102
United States
Phone: (724) 433-2521 Email:


Mission Appeal:
How the 2020 MCP funds will be used:
Our main purpose of doing the Mission Appeals is to ask the parishioners to remember in their prayers our sisters who are serving in foreign countries. In Ecuador, China, and South Korea we, the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, teach and provide services to children who are underprivileged and children with

In Ecuador this year we are in need of assistance to provide educational supplies and equipment as well as snacks and lunches for the children at INESEM School in Pedro Carbo, Ecuador.

In China, our sisters work in an early education center for children with disabilities and also in another area for young adults with disabilities. We are in great need of educational supplies and salaries for the sisters and teachers.
In South Korea we began a school for children from multi-cultural families who are having problems adapting to regular educational programs. There is a great need for educational supplies and operational expenses for this new school in the countryside of Gangjin.