Prelature of Esquel

Parish Mission Assigned to: Holy Spirit

Mission Contact: Bishop Jose Slaby

Mission Address:
Avda Peron 247
Esquel, Chubut 9200 Argentina

Phone: (294) 545-6789 Email:

Local Mission Representative: Reverend Stanislaw Slaby

Local Mission Address:
PO BOX 924
98 South 2nd Ave
MANVILLE, NJ 8835 United States

Phone: (732) 921-4389 Email:


Mission Appeal:
This Prelature was created by Pope Benedict XVI on March 14, 2009 from the Rivadavia Diocese and covers more than 30,000 square miles with a population of about 70,000 inhabitants. Since the Prelature was created 3 new parishes have been established. Presently 11 priests along with 13 nuns and 3 seminarians serve the parishes in Patagonia. The income of the priests is limited to the parishes’ collections and Mass and sacrament contributions. None of the parishes are self-supporting because most of their parishioners are very poor and are not able/not used to donating money to the church.
They look to the church for help to meet their basic needs.
Please help us to grow the Prelature of Esquel by allowing us to be a part of the 2020 Mission Appeal in your Archdiocese/Diocese. Funds collected during mission appeal will support one or more of the following projects:
• Provide basic living needs for the poorest people
• Continue the 4-day annual Youth Rally where their youth get Catholic faith instruction/formation and learn life values to avoid alcohol/drug additions ($6,000).
• Catechists training ($5,000)
• Build a rectory in Cholila; put a roof on the parish hall in Lago Puelo to host Religious Ed, Catholic Charities, parish groups and meetings ($100,000); install water and heating systems in the church and rectory in Paso de Indios ($36,000)
• Purchase a new pickup truck to provide help to remote areas of the Prelature
• Living expenses for priests, nuns, seminarians