Piarist Fathers

Parish Mission Assigned to: St. Ann Catholic Church

Mission Contact: Reverend Evaristus Akem Ndi

Mission Address:
Piarist Fathers' Provincial House
Cite Verte H10
Yaounde, Centre Region B.P. 185 Casier 211 Cameroon

Phone: (929) 530-3172 Email: akemevaristusndi@yahoo.com

Local Mission Representative:
Reverend Andrew Mbinkar Berinyuy
Local Mission Address:
1315 Olmstead Ave
Bronx, New York 10462 United States
Phone: (929) 530-3172 Email: andrew231079@gmail.com

Website: http://www.piaristesafriquecentrale.org/index.php/fr/

Mission Appeal:
The Piarist Fathers founded in 1617 by St. Joseph Calasanz dedicate themselves to evangelization through education and human integral development. In the province of Central Africa, we serve in poor areas where the basic necessities of life such as food, water, shelter and education are still a great
necessity. Consequently, the appeal donations will be used primarily to dig bore holes for potable water in seven of our primary schools and to provide at least a daily meal to the pupils in these schools. The appeal donations will also be used to build toilets in these schools. Furthermore, the appeal donations will greatly assist and rehabilitate refugees or people who have been internally displaced in Cameroon
as a result of the socio political conflict. Finally, hunger and malnutrition can open the door for many diseases. Consequently, we intend to use the appeal donations to continue our health sensitization programs in rural areas. This initiative was started two years ago and it yielding many fruits.