Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor

Assigned to: St. Agnes Catholic Church, Arlington, VA 

Mission Contact: Sister Mary Wandia

Mission Address:

P.O. Box 19895
West Palm Beach, Florida  33416
United States

Phone: (443) 538-5553   Email:


Mission Appeal:

Our mission is to Adorer Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and to serve in the Mission of the Church, particularly, the orphans and the marginalized poor. In the Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania (Malowa village), we serve 460 orphaned and poor children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and have no one to help them.

This year we are responding to an acute and urgent need of 650 adolescents ages 13-17 in Malowa village who are out of school. For many youth in rural Tanzania, formal education ends after grade seven when they take a national exam. Only three out of five adolescents get enrolled in high school and fewer complete the four years of High school. Just because of poverty, they drop out of school.

Many schools in rural Tanzania lack not only qualified teachers but also adequate classrooms. Overcrowded classes with an average of 50 students and lack of learning materials and libraries, lead to poor performance in National examinations, thereby ensuring being denied a place in High school to those who fail the test.

Once out of school, these teens lack any realistic options in life and result in child labor, often in exploitative, abusive, or hazardous conditions while others due to frustration and idleness, engage in drugs or other unnecessary and disruptive behaviors. Girls face many challenges on account of their gender. Two out of five  marry before age 17 or just get pregnant.

To help these youth and to give them HOPE, the Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor, have opened Our Lady of Fatima Vocational School. The program will train youth in dressmaking and knitting to help them learn a trade and earn an honest wage. To do this, we truly need your help.

To equip a tailoring and knitting classrooms, we need $28,000. (Twenty Eight thousand dollars). Funds received from MCP will be used to purchase 20 sewing and 10 knitting machines and other accessories for this project. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

And thanking you in anticipation, I remain,

Your Missionary Sister,

Sr. Mary Jennifer, Ph.D.
Mission Director