La Salette Mission Center

Parish Mission Assigned to: St. Patrick Catholic Church, Fredericksburg, VA

Mission Contact: Reverend Thomas Vellappallil, MS

Mission Address:
La Salette Mission Center
4650 S. Broadway
Saint Louis, Missouri 63111
United States

Phone: (314) 352-0064 Email:


Mission Appeal:
The Missionaries of La Salette, Province of Mary, Mother of the Americas, located in the United States. We have Missionaries in Haiti, South America (Argentina, Brazil & Bolivia) Africa (Angola, Namibia, Madagascar, Tanzania and Mozambique) and Asia (India, Myanmar, and the Philippines)
Our Missionaries first goal is to share God’s word and stress reconciliation.
This is what Our Lady of La Salette told them when sharing Jesus’s words.
Projects: Where the funds go:
Assisting the addicted and mentally challenged in Madagascar, the Philippines & India. 10%
Providing vocational programs to help single and unemployed women in Bolivia & Argentina 10%
Aiding in education and formation of students in the Seminaries in South America, Madagascar and our
Asian countries. 10%
Handicap centers, making equipment needed & providing to those in need in Namibia and Madagascar.
Soup kitchens & feeding programs for the poor students in Bolivia/Argentina & Madagascar. 30%
We do provide financial support to poor students in our schools for their tuition and materials
needed in our South American countries, Haiti, Namibia and Tanzania and our Asia countries. 30%