Diocese of Tanga

Parish Mission Assigned to: St. John the Apostle, Leesburg, VA

Mission Contact: Reverend Augustine Temu

Mission Address:
509, South Dallas Avenue
Pittsburg, PA 15208-2820
United States

Phone: (412) 616-6800 Email: temuago@yahoo.com


Mission Appeal:
Spreading the Gospel of Christ through evangelization to all the people in the diocese whereby majority are non-believers by increasing the number of clergy and ecclesiastical ministers and therefore, the appeal donations wil be utilized in:
Paying for the tuition fees for our 24 diocesan major seminarians who are now in formation and studies
in major national philosophical and theological seminaries.
Providing the up-keeping money for our 24 major seminarians aspiring to be priests so as to serve the greater number of people in the diocese of Tanga in Tanzania.