Diocese of Moshi

Parish Mission Assigned to: St. Joseph, Herndon, VA

Mission Contact: Reverend Peter Asantebwana

Mission Address:
St Matthew Church
807 Havens Corners Rd
Gahanna, OH 43230

Phone: (740) 227-0387 Email: asantepkimaro@yahoo.com

Website: https://www.moshidiocese.org/

Mission Appeal:
Catholic Diocese of Moshi Serves 64 Parishes ad 84 Sub-Parishes. There are five Hospitals run by the Diocese and over 40 Dispensaries (Clinical centers where people can recieve urgent care). The Diocese, in collaoration with Parents and religious organization, manages and owns 35 High schools to provide education for the poor and the orphans. Thanks to the MCP program in the past years for the support in building St Pamachius High School for the children with special needs. This year the MCP collection will benefit the retired Priests at a retirement center in Moshi who depend totally to the Bishop for their day to day needs including food, clothing, health services and care.