Crosier Fathers and Brothers

Parish Mission Assigned to: St. Theresa

Mission Contact:  Reverend Zawadi Jean-Marie KAMBALE SAMBYA

Mission Address:
Crosier Fathers and Brothers
104 Crosier Drive North P.O Box 500
Onamia, Minnesota 56359

Phone: (320) 532-5225 Email:


Mission Appeal:
The Crosier Fathers and Brothers have been serving the people throughout Indonesia for nearly 90
years. In 1958, the Crosiers began serving the Asmat people in the region of Papua, Indonesia.
Helping the Asmat people with social-economic, education and health challenges is a pastoral priority.
Currently, 10 Crosiers from Indonesia serve four parishes in the Diocese of Agats-Papua, ministering in
many ways. Through their strong commitment to education, the Crosiers began Bina Cahya, a Catholic
vocational-technical school in Bandung to serve children from low-income families, preparing them to
enter the workforce. This school connects the Catholic Church and the whole of society in Indonesia. The
Crosiers strive to help empower the people of Papua by teaching them self-sustainability. Funding is
vital to send local people to study to become catechists, teachers and nurses. Critical funds are also
needed to support the Crosier mission in Indonesia and its numerous ministries.
Local Mission Representative:
Reverend Zawadi Jean-Marie Kambale Sambya