Arlington Mission Scholarship Program

While the Arlington Mission Office works to share Christ's message of hope and salvation throughout the world, it is clear to the team at the office that any such effort would be incomplete unless the severe poverty which afflicts the communities served by the missions is properly addressed. In 2013, Pope Francis told students "[I]n a world where there is so much wealth … it is unfathomable that there are so many hungry children, that there are so many children without an education ..."

At the Arlington Mission Office, we appreciate that education is core to the foundation to a better, more independent life. Our Mission Scholarship Program operates on the philosophy that by educating a single person, we can educate many.

The Arlington Mission Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students served by the the missions to study at a college or university in the United States. The scholarship award covers all costs associated with living as a student in the United States, including but not limited to: tuition, books, room and board, and  transportation.

In 2015, the Diocese of Arlington awarded its first scholarship to a student from the Dominican Republic, to attend Marymount University in Arlington, Va.

Scholarship Application Process

This scholarship is highly selective and is not awarded every year. Application is by invitation only, and applicants are typically identified by missionaries already working with our office. Recipients of the Mission Scholarship must have a history of excellent academic performance, and a strong sense of self-initiative, and an advanced level of maturity. Applicants are typically in the final year or two of secondary schooling, or in the first year or two of college in their home country.

Scholarship Award Process

A student is selected after a thorough vetting of candidates by educators,  clergy, and religious in the home country of the applicants.