Missionary Cooperative Plan – Frequently Asked Questions

Please share this information with any/all staff who may have a part in the MCP Process.

1.) What is the Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP)?

The Missionary Cooperation Plan (MCP) is an annual opportunity for mission groups, lay organizations and mission dioceses to personally appeal for prayer and financial support from Catholics of the U.S. Additionally, MCP provides an opportunity to be educated about what is happening in the mission field today. It connects the local church with the global Church and allows us to realize our baptismal call.

2.) Who participates in the MCP?

As determined by the Bishop, all parishes in the Diocese of Arlington are expected to welcome a missionary as part of the MCP between May and August each year.

3.) How are groups assignments made?

Mission groups submit applications/letters for consideration to the Arlington Diocese Mission Office. Applications describe their needs and plans for how the funds will support their ministry. A team reviews the mission group applications and matches them with parishes based on parish preference.

  • Parish preference is determined by your response to the Parish Preference Form, which each parish receives in late January/early February. This form provides information regarding needs and wants from a mission group, (including but not limited to: language, number of sites, Mass schedules, etc.).
  • We also assign groups representing every continent. We consider parish giving patterns and try to mix assignments to provide give each group with an opportunity to share their ministry while appealing for financial and prayerful support.
  • Assignments are made and communicated to parishes in March/April. Once parishes accept assigned group, then mission groups are informed.

4.) Who will speak at your parish?

Mission groups select a speaker based on information provided through the Parish Preference Form. The mission group representative will contact the pastor or designated MCP parish coordinator to set mutually convenient date(s) and provide the name of your assigned speaker.

6.) How are funds collected?

Parishioners use the envelopes (or second collection basket) for their cash or check donations. They make their checks payable to your parish noting MCP in the check memo. Your parish then collects all MCP appeal donations (cash and checks), deposits them into the parish account, and issues one check for the total amount collected, payable to Arlington Mission Office. A Arlington Mission Office deposit form and instructions will be provided can be found here.

7.) How are funds distributed and used?

After all funds are received from a parish for a mission group, the Arlington Mission office issues a check for the funds received in our office.

8.) Other questions?

For questions about the MCP assignments, forms, or appeals process please call Karen Ward at 703-841-3837.