Proud Father

By Rev. Jason Weber, Pastor – San Francisco de Asis Church, Bánica Mission

Dear Friends,
When I arrived in Bánica, some of my closest collaborators were the young men and women who had entered the Jóvenes Misioneros/Youth Missionaries Scholarship Program.  They have been my hands and feet in the little villages directing youth ministry and catechesis and running the parish offices.  They have been absolutely invaluable!
This year, seven of them graduated, including five in June.  Two already have jobs in accounting. One of is working in the health sector in maternal and infant nutrition and health.  One graduated in international relations and has moved to the capital. One is married in the church and expecting her first child.  One was snatched up to work in the mayor’s office primarily because of the good reputation that she bears.
For myself, as you can see in one of the pictures, I was simply beaming the whole graduation!  I am so proud of them for the example of the faith that they have given as their faithfulness and hard work has paid off over time.  I was a very proud father watching these youth receive their degrees and step out into the world.  
Their names are Yuberkis, Arisleidis, Dayris, Kuky, Wilkin, Melvin, and Orislandia.  Please pray for these young people that they may continue to be models of faith, hope, and love, reflecting the glory of Christ that this world so desperately needs.  
I have said on several occasions that this is the most important work that I do, because it seeks to ground the practice of the faith in a robust intellectual formation and build a community that overflows its banks forming leaders that will continue the same work wherever they may be.  

May God bless all of you who have made their graduation possible through your sacrifices and efforts. 

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Weber